MTU Karaoke Software Help

MTU Karaoke Software Help

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Remote Access to your Computer to Help with your MTU Karaoke Software (Video Hoster, Microstudio, KHpro, Keyrite, Vogone)

This service Provides a technician to remotely access your computer to help with your MTU Karaoke Software, when your computer is online. This price is by the hour for remote access.

NOTE: No Technician will come to your location when ordering this service.

Some Items that can be fixed with this service are as follows:

  • Computer is slow
  • Audio Dropouts
  • Transfer of Karaoke Songs
  • Installing Software
  • Tweaking your system for Live Audio
  • Data Recovery - Under certain circumstances
  • Remove computer virus
  • Failed Windows Updates
  • Out of space on hard drive
  • Error messages popping up